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* I've also been a performing artist since 1994, and discovered puppetry for adults in 2003. I've worked all around Australia, from Queensland to Tasmania, and over to Perth on the 2008 Puppet Caravan across the Nullabor desert.
* I just finished creating my third solo adult puppetry show called 'Puzzle', funded by Arts SA; an intimate experience for an audience of two in a unique mobile booth view unedited footage here.
* Previously I made 'PIE' (2011), funded by the Australia Council and Arts SA, & presented by Vitalstatistix Theatre Company; reviews called it 'ethereal... unusual... a visual feast... a slowing down of Time...' view footage here.
* And I began with 'Pegging up the Sky' (2009 & 2012), nominated for the Best Puppetry Award at Adelaide Fringe, and also funded by Arts SA.
* I've toured to Singapore, Korea, the UK, Scotland, France, and Slovenia, and am always ready for a new travel adventure, especially on my stilts as 'Gertie Gee' the 2 metre gnome
Let me know what you think! Wink